Complete Online Learning Programme

MyEmployabilityLab delivers engaging, dynamic learning opportunities to help students build the employability skills most commonly cited by employers as the attributes they look for in new recruits.

Features in MyEmployabilityLab:

  • Diagnostic tests and audits to help students assess their confidence and knowledge;
  • A personalised study plan around those skills in which each student needs more support;
  • Interviews with employers and recently-employed graduates offering insights into the recruitment process and life in the workplace;
  • Interactive activities to help students stand out during the recruitment process;
  • Advice for applications and interviews;
  • Animations and extracts to build foundations of understanding.
  • You know MyEmployabilityLab is developed by an experienced partner committed to providing content, resources, and expertise for the best digital learning experiences.

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Communication skills

Iain Kennedy, Chief Technical Officer at CISCO, explains the importance of having strong communication skills.

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